Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Snake Oil and Home Remedy Myths - Urine Test

Urine Flushing Myths

Thee are many misconceptions about using DIY flushing items for a urine drug test. One of the reasons for all the bad info is oddly enough the internet. Although their are some sources of good information, it is lost in a sea of pot head wanna be scientist. These brainiacs will make a youtube video where they drink some CERTO ( fruit pectin) and a gallon of Gatorade then test them selves with a home urine stick they got from the Dollar store.
 Every fool on the net who talks about passing with CERTO (or the even more ridiculous crap like consuming  Water Purification tablets !)  uses a home test strip as proof .

Regardless of the item you ingest it is the tons of water that you are consuming that  DILUTE the drug level. This  also dilutes everything else, case in point the claims to pass a urine test by drinking creatine and b12 with the gallon of what ever. Only creatine is not going to keep CREATININE levels from dropping and the B vitamins that add color doesn't matter if the specific gravity says its water and the washed out creatinine get you failed for dilution .  To be successful at dilution you have to drop the sample in a small window before levels come back up to detectable levels while all along not overdoing it to fail for dilution .

 Snake oil

Just like  all flushing the "detox" drinks have you drink even more water and the claims of having you clean in a hour  apply to that window I just mentioned. The thing about DETOX drinks you will be dirty again after you pass it through you , THEY DO NOT REMOVE EVERYTHING PERMENANTLY and there is nothing special in these 20.00 to 40.00 bottles that aren't in a 5.00 herbal tea from the grocery store.
 I f you are a one time user don't sweat any drug test unless that one time was last night and you have a surprise test in the morning just drink the tea and relax .

Basically if you are a regular user who has little time for detoxing, the easiest most stress free way is to substitute your urine.

For 25 bucks you get a ONE SHOT Synthetic urine kit that allows you to have a perfect sample when you need it . 

 If you want a quality reusable devise and not the made in china cheap flimsy disposable crap that Is mass produced in china with a different picture on the box, then do it right and invest in the " Urine Trouble " Reusable synthetic urine delivery kit. 

Has never failed in 16 years and the Fake IT Urine is as real as it gets , see validation test run on urine below ( a validation screen is performed to prove everything is at normal human levels prior to drug screen.

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