Tuesday, August 28, 2018

One Shot - 20.00 Synthetic urine anniversary sale

Its our 18th year anniversary this fall and we are doing a 20.00 sale on our ONE SHOT single use synthetic urine bottle kit. 

One Shot 

 1 Temperature Metered Bottle
 1 Heat max 10 Hour Warming Pad 
 1 Vial "Fake It" Synthetic Urine Sample
 Full Instructions
 ONLY 20.00  
Perfect synthetic urine kit for Random use
(or Scheduled )  where you need to carry it on you at all times. 
Simply keep warm water in bottle and drop synthetic urine sample in when needed. Flip top cap for single hand use w/ no cap to drop.  It is fast, easy and reliable.

One Shot Synthetic Urine kit has never fail a single test in 18 years. you wont hear excuses from us like "bad batches"  like the other guys.
Uses same liquid  thermometer with 2 degree offset used on collection cups 

FAKE IT the original and leading %100 synthetic urine
was the first to meet all levels required in a urine analysis and drug screens like uric acid, creatinine , albumin proteins, with true appearance (not a yellow food color look) that matches the values and level of the urine  and even urine smell ( most common reason collectors toss a sample and ask for another ) , something no liquid urine can do .