Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Passed Urine Drug test with Urine Trouble synthetic urine kit

Passed Urine Drug test with Urine Trouble synthetic urine kit

The Following is %100 legit review from a customer who used both hair and urine products to pass.

Reviews for our urine are rare as passing is a given. basically as long as you get it in the cup your good. We have already shown it will pass a validity test which is really the important past of a urine screen when your talking synthetic substitution

Sent 1/29/2016

Omg  I recently ordered ur synthetic urine for a urinalysis I had for a job two days ago. I was sooo nervous because there wasn't but one review for urine trouble and this drug test was for a HOSPITAL.

My biggest fear with sub'n is keeping it at the right temp (because I've failed to do so in the past). But it all felt so easy to use with your kit I was thinking I was doin it wrong and I was going to F it up. But the HR lady informed me today that I was clear to start work! 

I ordered your hair razor in 2012 and passed a hair test for a government job for the state. I was extremely skeptical of that because everyone I know has always said there is NO way to beat a hair drug test. Once I passed that I was completely shocked.

You have made a believer out of me & I trust you and all your products & will tell anyone I know who search out these type of services.

I guess you can say 16 years now and urine trouble never failed a test. Thank you so much for your help. 

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