Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Niacin drug test Myth exposed

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid,

Having enough niacin, or vitamin B3, in the body is important for general good health. As a treatment, higher amounts of niacin can improve cholesterol levels and lower cardiovascular risks.

Niacin causes the blood vessels to dilate or open up near the skin, which results in a hot, tingling sensation accompanied by a red flushing of the skin. Generally, by starting with low amounts of niacin (50 to 100 mg a day) and gradually increasing the dosage, a person can quickly build up a tolerance and avoid the flush. Taking niacin immediately following a meal will also lessen the flushing sensation.

SO just what is vitamin B3 that is a blood vessel dilator supposed to do for passing a drug test? 

Good question , and apparently people who go around touting it have never asked themselves this question . So I found an example of what these people claim it does

"...but when the niacin flushes the thc fortified fat cells from your body, it goes into your urine. and if you are taking a diuretic(something to make you pee) and drinking alot of water, then i feel, there is a better chance of a total cleanse."

get that?  false claim that it flushes THC from your fat cells , nope sorry looks like they take the word FLUSH as in the flushing sensation you get from high dose of niacin that is the blood rushing not flushing as in cleaning out your system with flushing your bladder with water  .  it is a dilator nothing more .

 once again it is all the water you consume that flushes the system and flushing has its own risk,  your  use vs body weight and activity level that are the true contributing factors . So many people freak out over low use and take all kinds of things that they don't need . if you pass it wasn't the niacin it was that you were not dirty or all the other stuff that diluted levels .

realize cup test and or labs have different cut off levels from 15 to 50 nl  so passing one cup test would be fail at a lab ( labs have been seen skipping initial test and go straight to validation level of 1 nl !)  especially if they suspect you of flushing (diluting) .Like all internet drug passing myths  it only works for  some people  and they didn't need it anyway .

THE NIACINE PROTOCAL   taken from various weed forums (  separate quotes from various users )
 "...I took NIACIN 250mg. ( high dose) ...i got 2 gallons of water and gator aid "

"...and i drank about 150 ounces of water a day. "  "...pee at least 3 times before the test"
perfect example of ignorant mindset

"... i am going to take five niacin(100 mg a pilL), with lots of water, and then i am going to take niacin 4 days before the test, (500 mg). and then dilute with alot of water, the day of the test. I am doing this because, i want to know if niacin works for real. if the niacin does not work, then the dilution method will not bring the levels down past the threshold, and ill fail. if the niacin works, then ill pass obviously. 
uh no   not " obviously " Einstein ,  you either pass from the water or you dont  .

SO if you are occasional  light  smoker just do 30 minutes of cardio  after smoking and other tips .  

If you are a daily smoker like .5g or more and are not active ( like basketball player active ) than you should consider substituting with synthetic urine , preferably a proven urine like "Fake it" synthetic urine with a quality kit like Urine Trouble synthetic urine Kit

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Home Urine test and what the Faint Line means

Negative or Positive Test Result ?


I have found this to be a very common question with people who are worried about seeing a faint line on the home reagent dip strip test. These are a basic preliminary qualitative test and thus will not show the exact level present, only if it is over or under the detection level. The result of these tests is either positive or negative.

The kit used for urine drug test is reliable yet a cheaper way of screening the urine for signs of drugs. Every drug test involves a predetermined detection level which can tell if a drug test is positive or negative. However, it’s important to note that these tests do not give any information regarding the amount of drug present within the body. People get a faint line and get nervous, but mainly it is for THC screens, why is this ? 

What Does the Faint Line Mean?

When reading the drug test result, you will find a line at the very top of every testing window and that is the control region (C). The test is not considered valid without this line. Result is considered negative when a colored line appears in both the control (C) and test (T) region. If the colored line appears in the control region but not in the test region, the test is considered to be positive. Nevertheless, presence of any faint line in the test region (T) will indicate negative results no matter how light it is.

The color intensity of the line in a drug test result must not be confused with the quantity of drug present in the body. A positive urine drug test requires presence of minimum drug quantity in the urine specimen. In case of some drugs, the minimum drug quantity ( threshold or cut off value) is rather high such as amphetamines (1000ng/ml) whereas it’s low in other drugs such as marijuana (50ng/ml). The lower the minimum amount (threshold), the lighter the line will be in negative urine.

So a dark line is a high threshold and a faint line is a low threshold but still a negative. Remember, before you added urine there was NO LINE RIGHT?

If a test is negative, it means that the concentration of the drug in the urine sample is below the designated cutoff level set by the test. A person may still have that drug in their system, just not above the cutoff limit.

Possible cause for a VERY faint line

Dilution is also considered to be a cause of faint line on drug test but if the test has a validation screen in addition to the drug screen it will show If the creatinine and specific gravity (urine density) are in range, if they are not it indicates dilution .

Cups with a validation are a bit more expensive and not common with average home tester but are used in labs to save money instead of using a mass spec .

Sometimes a lab will use a reagent stick validation before "accepting" the sample to sent to the lab when they don't use the cups.

Now for the bad news.  I have seen many times a lab doing mass spec will skip the initial screen threshold and go straight to a confirmation level screen which is almost zero tolerance. For example THC should be initial run at 50 nl ( but is often  run at 10nl in a lab mass spec) and confirmation is 1nl ( should only be ran if you fail initial screen) and if you fail and don't call them on it then your screwed.  
If you are dirty and don't wish to go thru extended thc detox or just don't have time youre best option is substitution with a quality urine like "Fake It" Synthetic urine and a Quality device.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Passed Urine Drug test with Urine Trouble synthetic urine kit

The Following is %100 legit review from a customer who used both hair and urine products to pass.
This and other reviews seen at

Reviews for our urine are rare as passing is a given

Sent 1/29/2016

Omg  I recently ordered ur synthetic urine for a urinalysis I had for a job two days ago. I was sooo nervous because there wasn't but one review for urine trouble and this drug test was for a HOSPITAL.

My biggest fear with sub'n is keeping it at the right temp (because I've failed to do so in the past). But it all felt so easy to use with your kit I was thinking I was doin it wrong and I was going to F it up. But the HR lady informed me today that I was clear to start work! 

I ordered your hair razor in 2012 and passed a hair test for a government job for the state. I was extremely skeptical of that because everyone I know has always said there is NO way to beat a hair drug test. Once I passed that I was completely shocked.

You have made a believer out of me & I trust you and all your products & will tell anyone I know who search out these type of services.

I guess you can say 16 years now and urine trouble never failed a test. Thank you so much for your help. 

Fake It synthetic urine , The only lab grade US made

our Fake it Synthetic urine is so good you can use it observed


HOT 104 "Urine Trouble" synthetic urine kit Review

If you've spent anytime at HOT 104 over the years, by now you know (as if my name didn't speak for itself) I like to smoke marijuana. Before you get all self-righteous, let me make two things perfectly clear:
1. I'm grown. 2. I don't care what you think.
Unfortunately for me, smoking weed is against the law. Even worse, more and more employers require a pre-employment drug screening. Not only do I find this intrusive, but completely un-American.

Luckily, some sympathetic fellow potheads out in Las Vegas introduced me to a sure fire way to pass any urine test.
At $75.00, Pass-It may be a little bit more expensive than those pills and drinks that flush your system, but it's guranteed to work and will pay for itself when you get your first check.
To verify the manufacturer's claims, I actually tried it out by taking a drug test at one of the serious-looking labs contracted by banks to screen their employees. I figured: If it works here, it'll work anywhere.

The Urine Trouble synthetic urine kit consists of a bag, which you fill with synthetic urine called Fake-It. (You can also use someone else's pee pee, but that's way too gross for me.) The fake urine is easy to mix and looks completely real. To get it in the bag, you use a syringe (included). The bag has a temperature strip on it to make sure it's the required 92 to100 degrees. They even throw in to hand warmers (used by athletes) which you can slide into your pocket to regulate the temp.
The bag lies flat against your crotch and is attached to your body by a adjustable belt. A slender tube with a clip on the end extends from the bag. I'll have to admit, I was kinda spooked about using this thing, but after practicing with it on the night before, I was completly at ease.
When my big day arrived, I got a little nervous in the waiting room because it was so damn cold I thought my Fake-It would cool off . After filling out the paperwork, I was taken to the bathroom with my little cup and instructed not to flush the toilet. I walked inside, unzipped my pants, pull the tube through my fly, unclipped the tube, filled the cup and let the rest stream into the toilet. Basically, the whole process took less than 30 seconds.
A couple of days later, I got the results:Negative.
I was impressed to say the least. There aren't many products that allow you to smoke a blunt right before you take a piss test and still come away clean.
Now that's theAmerican Dream... well ain't it?
-Blunted Child

China Synthetic Urine Kits Exposed

We recently posted FACTS showing how all other synthetic urine kits are just mass produced in china with different labeling  and got a copyright notice to remove pages with pictures .

 OK FINE pictures gone ( our first page google results pulled by evil corp)

( pictures removed due to complaint by 513 venture)



The Simple Solution , Monkey Whizz, S5 , Magnum , Field Kit , The Whizz , Number 1 , Whizz Kit , Incognito Belt , and god only know what others are all the same 

Notice how the others have the same  bags ?   It's because they are made in bulk in china and they slap a different image on the box .  This means they all have the same lame  china liquid urine, cheap china warmers, thin IV tubing and are single use. 

 Our Urine Trouble  Synthetic Urine substitution delivery kit provides everything you need and none of the gimmicks like giant battery packs and dildos.

 Our Urine Trouble Reusable kit is a 8 mil THICK USA made durable vinyl bag that has a 9" long tubing with a 5mm ID to allow for a natural flow. The other guys made in china products use a 2mm ID  IV tubing that takes way too long to dispense your sample allowing it to cool.

 Our warmers are mounted on the face of the bag to allow air activation and the surface of our bag lays against your flesh to allow the temp to be regulated by you.



Our bag temperature is monitored by a medical grade liquid crystal thermometer with 2 degree offset .

  It is kept warm with a USA made 10 hour heat maxx warmer. The sample Is dispensed with a single hand from a single clamp allowing ease of use no multiple clamps or bags to squeeze .

The Urine trouble Reusable Delivery kit  has a black woven elastic waistband with adjustable buckle. The other guys use a white knitted elastic that gets dirty very easy and provides weak support from the super stretchy knitted material.  Our bags are the only %100 USA made product available.

The Urine Trouble kit comes with up to 3,  3oz "Fake It" Synthetic Urine Fake It  synthetic urine  that is mixed with warm water that creates a sample that meets all normal human levels for everything from specific gravity, creatinine, ph, smell, color ( that matches the specific gravity levels  ) even th efirst to use uric acid.  Fake it and its delivery kits The Urine Trouble and the One Shot Random synthetic urine kit have NEVER failed a test in 15 years .

If your going to get a synthetic urine substitution kit, you may as well have something durable that was made to be RE USABLE.  
Something made with all USA parts and labor sold by manufacture not a reseller .

In business longer than ANY other producing synthetic urine for 16 years . safe to say the rest are knock offs.

Certo, What it is and isnt going to do for a drug test

It is time to put this nonsense about certo being a proven way to pass a urine drug screen to rest .

Certo or sure jel  is the same stuff as Beni fiber  They are all  fruit pectin, and  Pectin is  a soluble dietary fiber mostly derived from apples. In human digestion, pectin binds to cholesterol in the gastrointestinal tract and slows glucose absorption by trapping carbohydrates.
pectin has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels. The mechanism appears to be an increase of viscosity in the intestinal tract, leading to a reduced absorption of cholesterol from bile or food. In the large intestine and colon, microorganisms degrade pectin and liberate short-chain fatty acids. All of this would be good at trapping THC as it is bound to fats and the fiber traps the fats, but THC is not eaten it is smoked.

THC is metabolized mainly to 11-OH-THC by the body. This metabolite is still psychoactive and is further oxidized to 11-nor-9-carboxy-THC (THC-COOH). Metabolism occurs mainly in the liver by cytochrome P450 enzymes CYP2C9, CYP2C19, and CYP3A4.

 More than 55% of THC is excreted in the feces and 20% in the urine. The main metabolite in urine is the ester of glucuronic acid and THC-COOH and free THC-COOH. In the feces, mainly 11-OH-THC was detected.THC binds to cannabinoid receptors that are located in different areas of the body, including the brain, heart, and liver.  
The use of certo or pectin as a way to trap THC  in the body is unfounded as it can only trap what is in the stomach or intestine.   Pectin will lower your cholesterol and triglycerides so  low daily consumption by way of a soluble fiber product will lower the bodies mechanism of absorbing a small amount into system from intestine,  but very little can be done as THC goes from lungs to liver to small intstine .   %25 of THC is unexcreeted so it goes to fat stores ( mostly liver fat).
AGAIN  the certo  theory is bunk.  It will help lower the bodies storing of THC but so does a low fat diet and cardio. These UNEDUCATED people with claims of passing wither from certo pectin or other nonsense like water purification tabs are bogus .  IT IS ALL THE WATER taken with these things diluting the levels .  %90 of the people who claim they passed after using certo would have passed with NOTHING .   If someone wants  to scientifically  prove certo  causes you to pass then  they need to  prove it by smoking daily for a month,  consume the certo with a CUP of water not a gallon and get a mass spec  analysis in a lab, not a dollar store reagent strip .  
THC  when consumed one time or infrequently will only be in your system for a few day like any other drug , it must be used regularly to build up in fat stores, providing you are not a single digit body fat  individual.
SO if you're a regular user of THC who has not done cardio detox for a month ,i.e.  not a lean basketball player  and you have to test in a legit lab you may want to use substitution with synthetic urine .  Unlike consuming things with tons of water   synthetic urine can be used for Random test  .  If  you need to know if you need synthetic urine or if your good as is you can ask a consultant with honest info at

Snake Oil and Home Remedy Myths - Urine Test

Urine Flushing Myths

Thee are many misconceptions about using DIY flushing items for a urine drug test. One of the reasons for all the bad info is oddly enough the internet. Although their are some sources of good information, it is lost in a sea of pot head wanna be scientist. These brainiacs will make a youtube video where they drink some CERTO ( fruit pectin) and a gallon of Gatorade then test them selves with a home urine stick they got from the Dollar store.
 Every fool on the net who talks about passing with CERTO (or the even more ridiculous crap like consuming  Water Purification tablets !)  uses a home test strip as proof .

Regardless of the item you ingest it is the tons of water that you are consuming that  DILUTE the drug level. This  also dilutes everything else, case in point the claims to pass a urine test by drinking creatine and b12 with the gallon of what ever. Only creatine is not going to keep CREATININE levels from dropping and the B vitamins that add color doesn't matter if the specific gravity says its water and the washed out creatinine get you failed for dilution .  To be successful at dilution you have to drop the sample in a small window before levels come back up to detectable levels while all along not overdoing it to fail for dilution .

 Snake oil

Just like  all flushing the "detox" drinks have you drink even more water and the claims of having you clean in a hour  apply to that window I just mentioned. The thing about DETOX drinks you will be dirty again after you pass it through you , THEY DO NOT REMOVE EVERYTHING PERMENANTLY and there is nothing special in these 20.00 to 40.00 bottles that aren't in a 5.00 herbal tea from the grocery store.
 I f you are a one time user don't sweat any drug test unless that one time was last night and you have a surprise test in the morning just drink the tea and relax .

Basically if you are a regular user who has little time for detoxing, the easiest most stress free way is to substitute your urine.

For 25 bucks you get a ONE SHOT Synthetic urine kit that allows you to have a perfect sample when you need it . 

 If you want a quality reusable devise and not the made in china cheap flimsy disposable crap that Is mass produced in china with a different picture on the box, then do it right and invest in the " Urine Trouble " Reusable synthetic urine delivery kit. 

Has never failed in 16 years and the Fake IT Urine is as real as it gets , see validation test run on urine below ( a validation screen is performed to prove everything is at normal human levels prior to drug screen.