Sunday, October 7, 2018

Risk associated with Flushing to pass Urine test

Are their risk to flushing to beat a urine drug test?

To be clear flushing is not proper detoxing so when a detox drink is called detox thats not whats really going on .

The flushing strategy involves putting large quantities of liquids into your body so that the  metabolites will be washed out as fast as possible. It is unlikely that you will remove 100% of drug metabolites using this method, but it can be effective in reducing the concentration of drug traces in your sample to below the threshold .

The Office of Drug Enforcement at the Department of Transportation (DOT) asked Dr Edward Cone from the Addiction Research Center (ARC) to investigate how effective the flushing method was. He demonstrated that drinking 1 gallon of water made the gravity of marijuana in the system drop to extremely low level and also that the marijuana test results would be negative.

levels can stay low enough for a negative for a couple hours after the water was drunk but they subsequently returned to positive. The results were the same wither with "cleansing products"  and regular drinking water. With any flushing rather if it's with certo or herbs or some 40 dollar drink you got at GNC or a head shop they all tell you to drink a gallon water afterwards. This is what causes it to dilute levels to pass.

If you are planning on using the flushing method, you will need to drink large volumes of liquids (water and anything else) before the test takes place.

Here's the issues and risk ....

For one flushing too far from a test can easily return to full levels so you have to load up on water pass a first piss containing pre water loading that still contains denser metabolite levels. Then you have to get the next piss submitted before it gets contaminated as levels return because your not  DETOXED but DILUTED. 

Failing from Dilution is a common result of imperfect flushing. Before a sample is drug screened it is VALIDATED . 

Urine Validation screens check  a sample to normal human levels for Creatinine , pH, Specific Gravity and looks for additives Nitrites, Glutaraldehyde , and Oxidants. So although the density of the drug metabolites are crashed so is the Specific Gravity or density (regardless of B vitamins to turn it yellow)  of sample and Creatinine  which has to show to prove its human. Allot of the information on flushing  on the web is pretty dated and was from before validation testing became a regular part of a drug test.   

This is why doesn't sell the drinks and pills for this reason but produces  custom powdered Synthetic urine kits. The First and probably the only real uric acid synthetic urine . It has never failed a test in 18 years which also shows how reliable their delivery kits for substitution like Urine Trouble synthetic urine kit  and One Shot a temperature metered bottle perfect to pass a random urine test  at any time.   


Results came back negative diluted, have to do another test

Hey, I will link this on my other post, but basically I had a drug test for a job Monday. Saturday night I did the pectin method. So I got a 32 oz of red gatorade and pour certo in it and shook it up than drank it in 10 minutes than drank half a gallon of water in the next 30 minutes than took half of a b-complex pill right after than drank another half gallon after those first 40 minutes over the next 1:30 hours. Than I pissed a shit ton and tested negative at my at home test saturday night after 4 hours from starting the method. did the same thing sunday and passed again. Did the same thing Monday morning before my test but took the b-complex an hour after usual and my results came back negative but diluted. I’m think I should drink less water hit faster, maybe 32 oz in like 15 minutes and that’s it and than pop a whole b complex and piss a shit ton and still do it 4 hours before. My test is tomorrow at 2 pm, gonna the pectin method tonight once and tomorrow morning right before my test. Lmk what exactly I should do?

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  1. I have monthly random screenings an dafter passing with the Fake it synthetic urine I order monthly . been doing this 6 months so far. easy as hell .